Prospecting For Treasure

Always prospecting for the next treasure of an idea.

Starburst Pictures

After drawing and coloring our Starburst Pictures, the children cut them out and we posted them on the bulletin boards.

Thursday night I saw this link for Starburst Pictures  on the Teaching Ideas website and tweeted by @Cristama on Twitter.  The website includes step by step directions for constructing the designs.  After a crazy week wrapping up our projects for Medieval History and preparing for Core Knowledge Night, which I will write more about in my next post, we needed a change of pace. 

We tried this project on Friday.  We did it as part of our math lesson.  After working on problem solving for a while, we reviewed geometry vocabulary; points, lines, line segments, angles, and vertices.  We discussed obtuse and acute angles.  (I am an expert at finding ways to connect things I want to do to district curriculum.)  This activity  also proved to be good practice in following directions.  The step by step instructions included in the lesson plan, make this easy  A few of us had to start over, because we had trouble with the directions. The kids were surprised and delighted with this little diversion from long division.  Thank you @Cristama!

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